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the sky and i blushed at the same time

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Bluebell Path by hammermad on Flickr.


Bluebell Path by hammermad on Flickr.

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...for the vagabonds, ne’er do wells and insufferable bastards

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fucking neighbors…


fucking neighbors

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today i walked around with my boyfriend and tried out different camera settings for this assignment and everything is so beautiful when it’s neon and blurry!! 

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Shiny Fennekin

Shiny Fennekin

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i am stones where used to be cities
and if you breathe too closely to me
you can still smell burning, i am
a shell constructed from
music lyrics and poems and
i don’t let people in

but you,
you are the kind
who sees
galaxies in your coffee
where others just see
sugar and cream
and you’re the one who says
“go on, i’m listening” even when
i’ve already realized how boring the story is
that i’m telling
and you’re the one who makes sure i got home
safe and that i’m eating well and getting out of bed

i mean you must be
an archaeologist
because where others saw ruin
and black nights and

you looked into my eyes
and whispered
“you’re so full
of life.”

- "He always said I didn’t love him. I do. I feel like I’ve been breathing in liquid poison. My head is so fuzzy, dizzy, and throbbing. My heart feels like its going to crumble apart with each beat." /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)
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